Mylo in Lichfield: A New Canicross Story Episode

A Canicross story

A Canicross story

Mylo in Lichfield: A Canicross Story.

On this week’s episode of Canicross Conversations, we spoke with Dan Floyd, who was featured in one of our Canicross Stories segments. As regular listeners know, we’ve been doing this series for a while to highlight unique experiences from our Canicross community.

Dan was an especially interesting guest because he does a lot of running by himself and with his dog Mylo, but not always in the typical Canicross style. For example, he still participates in Park runs with Mylo on a handheld lead, which sparked an intriguing discussion since Park Runs recent rules changes. It’s rare we get to talk to guests who still do Park Runs with their dogs, so hearing Dan’s perspective was enlightening.

We also chatted about the adjustments Dan makes to his kit when running with Mylo off-lead versus Canicross-style.

It’s been a while since our last Canicross Stories episode, as we’ve had our educational vet series and coverage of major events lately. But we’re eager to get back to sharing more experiences from our wonderful listeners again. So, if you have a Canicross story to share, please get in touch! For now, have a listen to Dan and Mylo’s story – we think you’ll enjoy it.

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Key points of the podcast

2.28 Dans experience with running with a dog, Canicross, and training.

8.46 Running with dogs, safety, and training.

12.47 Using different harness for Canicross and walking.

15.06 Running with dogs at Park Run since the rule changes.

19.50 Canicross racing, training, and a focus on the social element of Canicross

25.03 Running with dogs, setting up a local running club, and social runs.

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A Canicross story