About Us

The Founders of Paws 4 Running


I have been a Pilates instructor for over 20 years and an on and off runner for many more!  Pickle is my third Labrador and in the 3 years she has been with us I have probably learnt more about dogs than ever before!

It soon became clear that Pickle had a very high prey drive, meaning it wasn’t safe to let her off the lead in most areas. 

I started running with Pickle and through social media found out about Canicross.  From then on there was no turning back.

We both loved it, we even started racing.  It’s is such a great way to get fit.

With my Pilates and personal training experience it seemed the right step to qualify as a DogFit Certified Canicross trainer. 


A three-year-old black lab, with a high prey drive!

Loves Ducks and Pheasants, has been known to chase a hare or two as well.

Loves to Canicross and loving meeting all her new friends through Canicross.