Can small dogs Canicross

Can small dogs Canicross?

I’m often asked can small dogs Canicross.  The answer is yes.  Luna the 3-year-old Jack Russell is proof of this.  Don’t let her size deceive you!

Luna and her dad Reece have been Canicrossing for just over a year now and I caught up with Reece to find out how it’s been.

What made you give Canicross a go?

We got Luna through lock down, some people I knew mentioned Canicross, I love (trying to) keep fit and therefore thought it would be a good way to do something together with Luna – I read somewhere it helps develop a bond between you and your dog too.  Other than this I knew relatively little.  We happened to find the Paws 4 running website and from this I got in touch with the Louise.

You booked onto a taster session , how did you find it?

 It was good.  I would say that it was really relaxed but informative.  It was good that Pickles came along too!  Being able to watch how someone handled their dog really helped, particularly on passing and turning.

Where you concerned that Luna might be too small?

Initially yes.  However, having joined the social runs and then entered some of the races I would now say that she is definitely not too small – she pulls really well.   What is the saying ‘all good things come in small packages’.  She can certainly keep up with the larger dogs and seems to enjoy this. She even has even been given the nickname of the ‘pocket rocket’. 

In the events we have done both the short 2km and longer 5km and she manages them okay.  The longest I have been with her is 10km on a slower run.

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How much Canicrossing do you do now?

We go out two to three times a week. I try to get out twice in the week with Luna and then meet up with everyone else at the Paws 4 running social run on a Sunday.

What do you like about Canicross?

 Whilst I enjoy the social runs for me there is nothing more enjoyable than being out with just Luna and I.  Spending time with your dog whilst being out in the fresh air.  I would also add to this that everyone that I have met is super friendly and happy to talk about dogs and Canicross.

You have raced with Luna, how was it are you hooked?

I think that we have done three or four races now.  I think both Luna and I love them, everyone we have met and spoken to are really friendly – I would say that it is definitely an inclusive sport.  Luna definitely seems to run faster when we are at an event, particularly if we have someone to chase.  I am definitely the weak link at the moment, but hopefully next year I will be fitter!  We would certainly do more events but Luna does not love the car that much so we have to try and find those that are local to us.

What 3 tips/advice would you give others thinking about giving Canicross ago with a small dog.

Firstly, give it ago.  Something else that I read before my taster session was its not the length of the legs that matter – it is the size of the heart!  You just need to find the distance and pace that is right for you and your dog.

Secondly, it’s a good way to meet new people and hopefully make friends.  Linked to this a good way to socialise your dog.

Finally, remember small dogs have their advantages.  When you have to go over fences and through mud you can just pick them up!  Likewise, we are quicker and more agile downhill.

Luna certainly lives up to her nickname the Pocket Rocket.  Always leading out front when we head out on our social runs.

If you have a small dog and think, I could give this a go, then first of all book in for a taster session where I make sure you are kitted out in the correct Canicross kit, then I will take you through the basic commands and let you have a go.

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We hope to see you out Canicrossing soon.