Introducing the Cani Ultra: A Canicross Trailblazer’s Perspective

cani ultra

Introducing the Cani Ultra: A Canicross Trailblazer’s Perspective

This week on Canicross Conversations, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Johnny Fletcher, the visionary behind the renowned Cani Ultra. It’s been a long time coming, and we’re thrilled to have finally snagged Johnny for a chat as he busily plans and marks the routes for this October’s Cani Ultra.

If you’ve been following our podcast, you might recall our episode with Ellie (Episode 60), who tackled the event last spring. Remarkably, it became our most listened-to episode to date, underscoring the immense interest in unique and adventurous challenges. Similarly, our recent episode on Tri dog events where you can try out new experiences was a hit, further highlighting people’s eagerness for fresh adventures.

Our conversation with Johnny shed light on a crucial aspect— you don’t need to be an ultra-runner or a speedster to take on this event. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk or aspire to conquer the southwest coast path, the Cani Ultra offers something for everyone. It’s got us contemplating a potential journey in March next year, embracing the idea of breaking away from the ordinary and relishing the incredible atmosphere.

As you tune in to this episode and explore the multitude of videos and stories about the Cani Ultra from the weekend on social media (Oct 23) remember to savour the experience and consider challenging yourself. We’d love to hear from you—whether you’re planning to give it a shot or have already taken the plunge this year. Join us on this exciting adventure as we delve into the world of the Cani Ultra with Johnny Fletcher.

Key moments in the Cani Ultra Podcast

0.00 Michelle and Louise reflect on the episode after recording.

1.35 Intro to Johnny Fletcher founder of the Cani Ultra Events.

2.05 Johnny introduces himself live as he stops to talk to us and he’s marking out the route.

2.52 How did the evet come about.

4.14 About the event itself

5.40 What kit do you need.

10.02 water for you and the dog

11.51 About the course, how technical is it?

13.39 Safety and tracking

16.45 Start times.

18.01 Injuries, humans, and dogs

19.05 How Johnny got into Ultras.

28.52 How is your event sustainable.

How to contact Cani trail UK

Via their website and on Facebook