Canicross in Cornwall takes off thanks to Purple Gecko

Canicross in Cornwall

Canicross takes off in Cornwall thanks to Purple Gecko

We continue our series on exciting sporting events by featuring a company doing things a bit differently. This Cornwall-based event’s organiser Purple Gecko started out hosting standard trail races but has since expanded into Canicross in response to high demand.

Purple Gecko decided to seek expertise from the Canicross community to develop a Canicross championship series. They now have eight, possibly more, Canicross races on the calendar for this upcoming season alone.

 Where else would you want to Canicross than in the beautiful county of Cornwall, though most races avoid the coastal paths for logistical reasons, the courses still take advantage of the natural terrain.

Listen below to the whole episode.

Key points of the episode

1.58 Dave Whelan founder of Purple Gecko events introduces himself and background.

2.39 Where did the name Purple Gecko come from?

3.30 Dave talks about the events that take place and where they are.

4.45 Why did you start Purple Gecko?

6.06 Why bring Canicross into your events.

8.04 What did you know about Canicross before you started the events?

8.26 What have you had to do differently to have the Canicross as part of your events?

12.36 Are these Canicross races stand alone or part of other events?

13.53 The Canicross starts, how do you do it for your events.

15.28 Have there been any non-dog people complaining?

16.39 What’s the terrain like for your races?

17.44 Running and Canicross events in Cornwall.

23.43 Canicross races and awards

29.45 Sustainability and inclusivity in running events.


How to contact Purple Gecko

Find out more about Purple Gecko events on Instagram and the website.