Canicross Racing

Canicross racing Georgie Lambert

Canicross races don’t need to be competitive for you but your dog might enjoy it and it’s a great way to get your dog pulling out in front too.

In this episode of Canicross Conversations Michelle and I chat to Georgie Lambert and international Canicross medallist.

Georgie didn’t start out with the intention of racing on the international circuit, she started off by rehoming a dog called Benson who she needed to get fit.

But as with most sports as you get into it, you find out more, new doors open and racing can add that extra goal for you and your dog to work towards.

On the Podcast Georgie talks about how it all happened and has some great tips for those starting out racing:

  • how the start of each race works (10:21)
  • tips on how to keep your dog calm at the start (13:34)
  • warm ups for your dog (15:47 and 31:37))
  • the GB selection process for international competition (17:05)
  • choosing a dog bred for Canicross racing (20:08)
  • advice for a first-time racer (29:24)


Links to Canicross races:

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