Expert Agility Tips to introduce your Canicross dog to Agility

Expert agility tips

Expert agility tips

Expert Agility Tips for Introducing  Your Canicross Dog to Agility.

Staying active with your Canicross dog during the offseason can be a challenge. In this week’s episode of Canicross Conversations, we explore how agility training can provide the perfect solution.

Joining hosts Louise and Michelle is expert agility trainer Sue from Hare and Hounds training, who shares expert agility tips on the many benefits of agility for high-energy dogs. Discover how it can improve focus, recall, and provide much needed mental stimulation between races.

We also chat about our own experiences getting started in agility and the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Whether you’re looking to tire out a reactive dog or simply keep your Canicross partner fit, this episode has takeaways for dogs and handlers of every skill level.

Tune in below to pick up actionable advice on introducing agility into your training regimen.

Key points of the episode

2.26 Sue from Hare and Hounds introduction

3.08 Sue explains how she got into dog training and agility.

4.41 We chat about how dog training is not accredited and what you need to look out for in trainers.

6.32 How Sue started Agility.

12.40 Building trust and focus on your dog with agility training.

18.11 Dog agility and its history.

20.30 Agility training for dogs of all ages

26.23 Dog training techniques for Canicross & agility.

31.30 Canicross training and injuries

36.24 Agility training for dogs with a trainer.

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