It’s really important to get the correct kit before you start to Canicross.  You will need a waist belt that goes round your hips, a bungee lead, to absorb any shock and a Canicross harness for you dog.

It’s really important to get the correct harness for your dog and will have a sizing guide showing you how to measure your dog.  During a taster session we can fit a harness for you.

You don’t need to be a great runner to Canicross, it’s more about exercising and bonding with your dog.  You can walk in the hands-free harness as well.  Taking a taster session is a great way to see if Canicross for you.

You don’t have to run, if you have a dog that you need to keep on a lead then the Canicross harness is great for Canitrekking and walking hands free.

Yes, as long as you are in control of your dog and all the group knows when you come.  But you might be surprised when they get use to running in a pack how they love canicrossing and feel safe in the pack.

I hear this a lot and it is very unlikely that you will be if you are using the correct Canicross kit.  With the human harness round your pelvis, the bunge lead and the running harness absorbs shock and makes it easier to control.

Yes. Canicross harnesses give your dog shoulders room to move without being restricted when they run.

Your dog needs to be year to 18 months old to start Canicross.  This gives your dog time to grow without causing any damage.  Check with your vet to for advice as well.