Canicross on the Big Stage: Inside the ICF World Championships in Germany

ICF World Championships

ICF World Championships

Canicross on the Big Stage: Inside the ICF World Championships in Germany

Welcome to this week’s episode of Canicross conversations. In this episode, we speak with Chris Smart, an avid Canicrosser who recently completed the prestigious ICF World Championships in Germany.

We discuss Chris’ experience at this intense competition and get insight into how he performed.

Chris provides a first-hand account of the thrills and challenges of competing at the highest level of Canicross.

This was an exciting opportunity to hear from an athlete at the top of his sport.

We hope you enjoy gaining perspective on competing internationally in Canicross from Chris.

Let us know what you think of this episode – we always appreciate ratings and reviews!

Now get ready to dive into the world of elite Canicross as we chat with Chris Smart.

Key Points of the Podcast – The ICF World Championships

0.04 International Canicross competition and motivation.

2.33 Canicross training and racing with a purpose-bred dog.

7.38 International Canicross competition and qualification.

13.21 Canicross racing tips and kit recommendations.

19.11 harnesses and custom fit.

21.02 Dog running and bike racing with a trusting dog.

26.16 Canicross racing and international events.

31.59 Canicross racing and training with a focus on personal goals and improvement.