“Revitalizing Sled Dog Sports in Britain: Exclusive Interview with the BSSF Vice President”

Sled dog sports

Sled dog sports


Sled dog sports in the UK

In this podcast episode, we spoke with Howard Clark, the Vice President for Sport at the British Sled Dog Sports Federation, and head of Team K9 Velocity.

The podcast covers some interesting updates about the Federation’s efforts to grow the sport of sled dog racing in the UK. Howard discussed plans to improve the competitiveness and organisation of the race circuit, including new qualifying requirements for international competitions.

We also talked about ways to make sled dog sports more accessible and appealing to newcomers. The episode touched on some of the challenges the BSSF has faced but focused on the positive changes being implemented.

Howard encouraged listeners to suggest possible venues that could host future races.

Overall, it’s a fascinating discussion about the state of sled dog sports in Britain and what the future may hold. Stay tuned for more insider interviews and insights in future episodes as part of our series on Canicross events series.

Key points in the Episode

2.04 Introduction from Howard Clark

3.06 Howard explains the history of the BSSF

5.03 Howard explains how people qualify for international events

6.20 Howard explains which dog sports events the BSSF do at their events.

6.49 Howard talks about the vaccination rule which has stopped people competing with multiple dogs and changes that have been made.

9.41 How do people qualify for an international event?

11.07 Howard explains ideas that the BSSF are thinking about.

12.45 How do people qualify to do your events.

13.24 Information about the first BSSF race of the season.

14.01 How technical is the course for all disciplines.

14.57 How do the course compare to those in Europe?

15.57 Information about other BSSF events this season.

17.06 How to qualify for the National Championships.

17.43 Information about the race starts.

18.51 How many people take part in your events.

19.21 About the events and the dogs.

19.50 Age ranges with the competition plus we discuss the age groups.

23.24 Discussion about the older age range, is it fair!

25.08 Making Canicross a official sport, chatting about Sport England and what’s happening in the background.

27.19 What do you get if you are a BSSF member?

29.32 Internationally how is the BSSF seen?

30.40 Is there any difference in competition between people with normal dogs and euro hounds?

32.39 Howard talks about his dogs

34.29 Facilities at BSSF races.

35.15 The BSSF is looking for new venues.

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