South West Coast Path Porlock to Lynmouth Harbour

South West Coast Path Day 2

Today we woke up to the sun shining and raring to go on the South West Coast Path Day 2.  Well, Ella and I were, not sure about mum and Sal. 

They did get their act together and have started to realise what they don’t and do need to carry with them.  As long as they have the Skinners energy bars I’m happy.

We left about 10, no they weren’t rushing.  We found the path we needed to get us back to the SWCP, a great path through woods until we found ourselves at Porlock weir.

South west coast path Day 2

We left Porlock Weir and headed uphill, through more woods (mum was enjoying being pulled up the hills).  We had seen signs for a toll road back in Porlock & for caravans to take it, although when we found the toll lodge and payment notices we couldn’t imagine caravans as they are now going through the small gap.

The path continues along the side of the hill, a true coastal path, the views were amazing apparently mum and Sal kept stopping to look and take a photo. 

South west coast path Day 2

Both Ella and I were on leads for a while, well Ella was let off for a run.  I can’t be trusted apparently.

Culbone Church

I’ve never been to church before but mum and Sal took us to this one.  Culbone Church is very small and very cold.  It’s apparently the smallest church parish in England.

Coastal path closed.

We carried on from the church and came to a point where the Coast path was closed, due to Storm Eunice a few weeks earlier.  So we had to head inland.  The great thing about the SWCP is that it is so well signposted, and even the detour was too.  We didn’t get lost once, although we had a few moments when we felt a bit lost.

Wind and the rain

The wind started to get up in the afternoon but it was still dry, mum had to put her snood over her cap so she didn’t lose it. 

We eventually headed back onto the main SWCP after a few hours of walking and by this time the wind had got up.

Then the rain started, I’m not a fan of rain at the best of times, definitely didn’t enjoy this rain as it felt really sharp as it was blowing into us.  Mum kept me very close especially as we headed around the cliff edge.

Lynmouth Harbour

We rounded the corner and could see the harbour in the distance.  We were really exposed and the wind was really strong.  Mum couldn’t stand up properly and was being blown towards the cliff edge (it was ok though as there was a fence there which mum hadn’t seen!)  and the rain was driving at us horizontally.  The next thing I knew Mum and Sal were on the ground, laughing.  Ella and I thought it was great, playtime!

Apparently not!

Yes, they were laughing uncontrollably but they weren’t happy!

The coast path ahead was very close to the edge and to get there was across an exposed field. There was no way mum was going that way.

In the end, we made our way to the road across the fields and walked down it until we could get back on the SWCP near the bottom.

Soaked and happy we got back to the car.  But they had forgotten our towels, so we had to head back to the Airbnb wet & cold.

Mum broke me

I blame the fact we didn’t have our towels when we got in the car to dry off because that evening, I couldn’t sit down.

I wanted to.  I was so tired.

Mum and Sal took us to the pub, but I wouldn’t settle then mum realised I couldn’t sit down at all.  I eventually managed to lie down but then some man got grumpy so mum had to move me.

It had been a great day but we had walked 15 miles, the longest I have ever cani trekked.


My Daily Stat using PitPat

Porlock to Lynmouth Harbour

12th March

335 minutes of exercises

15.7 miles

1325 Kilocalories

That’s more like it, mum reset the PitPat

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