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In this episode we talk to Trail Dog Events as part of our Canicross Event series.  Do check out @traildoguk on Instagram as you can see some great reels etc of the events Katie puts on.  But what truly piqued our interest was delving deeper into her story and the unique events she orchestrates. While her events may not boast the scale of some of the other events in the Canicross world, it’s the incredible passion and innovation that sets her apart.

With a wealth of experience in hosting running events, Katie has crafted a delightful series of races that cater to both seasoned athletes and four-legged companions. These events are scattered across the picturesque landscapes of Northumberland, promising an unforgettable experience for all participants. And if that’s not enough to get your tails wagging, Katie tantalizingly hinted at an upcoming race, the details of which remain shrouded in anticipation. Stay tuned because it sounds like something truly extraordinary is on the horizon.

Key moments in the Trail Dog Events podcast

2.10 – Find out about Katie Kirkup and how she has ended up organising Canicross events.

5.23 – What’s different about Trail dog events

6.27- Importance of sponsorship and giving the participants as much as possible.

7.08 – Katie tells us how the Trail dog events and how it works.

9.31 – How to enter Trail Dog events

10.19 – Katie talks about where the events are held and what the courses are like.

13.37 – Katie talks how the race starts

14.55 – Find out who the event is for and if it’s beginner friendly

16.20 – We chat kids doing Canicross and what ages can take part

16.52 – Do you get a medal at the event and few chat about how sustainable the event is.

17.35 – How long are the races, over a weekend?

17.42 – Katies tells us exciting news about a new event she is planning

21.00 – We chat about how many people enter Trail Dog events

21.30 – How much do the events cost

23.01 – We asked Katie if they are starting to have issues with the weather effecting races.

24.09 – Find out about the obstacle course race that happens in September and includes Paddleboarding.

24.54 – Find out more about what Trail dogs is doing to be sustainable at their events

28.52 – Reactive dogs at the event and how do Trail Dogs deal with it.

How to contact Trail dogs and find out more about their events.

Website – click here

A list of Trail Dog UK Events for 2023/24 – here

Follow TrailDogUK on Instagram

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