Tri Dog UK The only Dog triathlon in the UK

Tri dog UK the only Dog Triathlon in the UK

As part of the event series on Canicross Conversations we talk to Emily Thomas founder of Tri dog UK.  The only Triathlon event for dogs.

This takes place at Box End in Bedfordshire at the end of September using the skiing lake for the swim.  There is only one event a year and lots of hype before and after with some great footage of dogs and humans enjoying the weekend.

It’s a great way to start the season and try something different with your dog.

Plus, it’s a great way to keep some training up during the summer.

Entry opens early 2024 for next years event, so don’t miss it!

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Key moments in the Tri dog UK Episode

0.47 Find out Emily Thomas and her many canine businesses.

2.09 Emily chats about the event and how it came about.

3.47 How the event works

6.03 Find out how the transitions work.

6.53 How big is the event.

8.14 The start, does it differ from a normal Canicross race?

9.21 How do owners keep their dogs swimming in the right direction? And more about the swimming section.

15.05 Transitions from the water & getting the wetsuit off!

17.38 Emily chats about the bike section of the triathlon

20.44 How the camping works over the 2-day event.

21.42 Photographers at the event.

23.28 Prizes not just the fastest who get prizes but how the Marshalls award prizes too.

25.55 The weather in September

How to Contact TridogUK

On Instagram @tridoguk and follow Emily on K9 Trailtime for all your Canicross kit.  Use the code louisehK9 for 9% off all purchases on the site.

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