Can I run an UltraMarathon with my dog?

Ultramarathon with my dog

Can I Run an Ultramarathon with my dog?

Yes, you can, and this year saw the first Ultra marathon solely for Canicross dogs.

It took place on the 25th of March 2023 over 29.5 miles with over 2000 ft of elevation.

There was no cut off and all dogs were able to take part.

In this episode of Canicross Conversations we chat to Ellie Coleman who took part in the first one.

She talks about her Ultra marathon experiences she has done in the past and how she jumped at the chance of doing a Canicross one even though she doesn’t have her own dog!

Ellie started Canicross a couple of years ago.  Initially with her parent’s dog, but when it became ill, she had to find another dog to run. 

She asked around and had the chance to run a friend’s dog – Blue and together they have had some great adventures, the Canicross Ultra marathon being their latest one.

Ellie talks us through how it went, how having a dog kept her going in those low moments, and how supportive everyone was during the event.

We talked about how Blue coped, what was on the feed stations for dogs and how much food and hydration Ellie took for Blue.

A great listen if you are thinking about giving a Canicross Ultra marathon a go.

Check out CanitrailUK for the next one on October.