What’s involved in a Canicross taster session

Girl with her black dog running with her dog in a Canicross taster session

Girl with her black dog running with her dog in a Canicross taster session

A Canicross taster session is an introduction to the sport of Canicross.

Have you got a dog who is prey driven, anxious, reactive or just no recall! You want to give them more exercise and get fitter yourself then a Canicross Taster session is for you

Canicross has become popular over the last few years with more exposure and more people getting dogs during lockdown.

Why should you do a taster session?

A Canicross taster session will give you the opportunity to try the Canicross kit before buying and learn how to Canicross safely.

What happens in a Canicross taster session?

A taster session is 1-2-1 sessions with a DogFit Canicross instructor.  The Instructor will usually have their own dog with them.  If you feel this might be too much for your dog then you can also have the session solo.

Canicross Kit

There is a lot of choice of Canicross kit and it can be a bit overwhelming, knowing what should be using.   Both for you and your dog.

Lots of people hear about the concept of Canicross and tend to start off with the cheapest harnesses a waist belt.

Canicross runners using a waist belt

This can cause problems if you have a strong pulling dog through your lower back, putting you off trying again.

The Human Harness

Canicross human harness & black dog in a Canicross harness.

A Canicross harness should be placed around the pelvis, one of the strongest parts of the body which can take the load of a strong pulling dog and reduce the risk of injury.

The harness is a little like a climbing harness, with leg straps.  Once on it gives you control when out Canicrossing.

The Dogs Harness

There are a lot of harnesses on the market for walking and running.  Getting a specific Canicross harness is important for your dog.

They are lightweight, designed in way that your dog shoulder movement is not restricted when running.

The Lead

A bungee lead joins you and your dog.  The bungee is important as it absorbs any jarring as your dog pulls.

Using the proper kit means you can run hands free which helps keep you in your natural running form.

During a taster session we make sure we fit your dog’s harness and let you know the correct size for your dog when you head off to buy your own.

Showing how a dogfit harness fits

Canicross isn’t cheap and if you are going to make the investment then it’s important to get it right.

Once you and your dog are fitted out with the correct dog harnesses we head to an area where we can go for a walk/run and get you use to the feel of the harnesses and what Canicross is all about.

We start by walking giving you time to warm up and your dog to have a good sniff!

It can be very daunting the first time you give Canicross a go as many people think they are going to get pulled over. Once you get going and realise that isn’t going to happen it’s very exhilarating.

During the session we take you through some basic commands for you to go away and practise before you might want to come and join a social run.

Find out how Ultra Runner Lily Canter got on when she tired Canicross for the first time.  You can listen here on our Podcast  Canicross Conversations

How to prepare for a Taster session?

Your Dog

  • Depending on the time of your session, make sure your dog hasn’t eaten for at least 2 hours before.
  • Depending on time of day again might depend whether you walk your dog beforehand. They will find the session tiring so if you want to get the most out of it I wouldn’t wear them out too much.


  • You need to wear running/ sport kit you feel comfortable in
  • Layer up it can warm when you start running.
  • Running shoes are ok but if it’s mid-winter or we have had a lot of rain the trail shoes are preferable. Here is a guide to the best trail shoes for 2021.  You can read it here

Why not come and give Canicross a go?

You can book a session here